Failure to read and comply with all safety instructions and warnings that are supplied with this blade and your machine may result in serious injury or even death!

    Read and understand the operating instructions supplied with your machine before operating
    Check the blade for any damage prior to use and never use blades with dull, damaged or missing teeth
    Always keep your blade sharp and have them sharpened professionally when needed
    Make sure your work area is clean and all other people are a safe distance away
    Always wear ANSI standard Z87.1 eye protection and other safety items as needed
    All guards and safety devices must be in place and working properly while using your machine
    Never exceed the recommended RPM rating shown on the blade and always run the machine at full speed
    Always unplug the machine or disconnect the battery when changing the blade or making adjustments
    Never wear loose clothing or jewelry and keep clear of all moving parts
    Make sure the blade is mounted securely and is following the correct rotation as shown on the blade and in the machines
       operating instructions
    Only use the blade to cut material it was designed for
    Never force the blade through material, allow it to cut through it
    Clamp and secure material safely prior to cutting and ensure material stays secured
    Treat all power tools with the respect and caution they deserve to be used safely
    Focus on your work and always remain alert to what you are doing


When cutting nonferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, zinc and others we recommend using a liquid or wax lubricant to reduce wear and damage to the blade and the material being cut.


Never use the rescue & demolition blades on multi-purpose cutoff saws, including gas powered, unless the saw has a guard that completely covers both the upper and lower halves of the blade. This guard must extend to the lowest point of the cutting teeth on the bottom of the blade. Use with extreme CARE and CAUTION!


For best results start cutting in the thinnest section of the material and avoid cutting long flat sections. Never cut hardened material and always keep a slow, steady feed rate. High impact on the carbide tips and side to side movement while cutting will cause them to break.


In addition to eye protection, always wear ear and respiratory protection. The key to a great performing blade are sharp tips and a well maintained and aligned machine. Always make sure your blade is clean of pitch for the best possible results.

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